A unique story to enable parents living with Dissociative Identity Disorder to engage their children in thoughtful conversation about DID.

Talking about DID with
your kids can be really hard.

A Different Kind of Super Hero was written
to make it easier to start the conversation.

Intended to be read with your family, A Different Kind of Superhero empowers parents to discuss with their children the impact of childhood trauma resulting in Dissociative Identity Disorder in a safe and open environment. The narrative is delivered from a young child's perspective, detailing his experience learning about his mother's disorder and how it affects her personality, behavior, and the child's family life.

In playful, imaginative, and descriptive language, the narrator introduces children to the experiences of living with a parent who has been diagnosed with DID. Sometimes quirky and funny, sometimes sad and a little scary, the narrator walks other children through some of his experiences and his parents' explanation of the disorder. Rather than focusing on an illness or disorder, the presentation explores how alter personalities are the super heroes who saved his mother's life when she was a child and how they continue to work in her life, and her family's, as an adult.

A Different Kind of Super Hero provokes thoughtful discussion between parents and children and allows for the safe exploration of the causes and effects of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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On page after page, "A Different Kind of Super Hero" mirrors our life almost exactly. Reading the book as a family finally helped me explain to my pre-teens everything I wanted to say, but couldn't. It's what I imagine an “Explaining DID to Kids For Dummies" book would be like, only better! I was left speechless as my children constantly nodded their head in agreement to the content because they could relate exactly to the way you explained things. I recommend "A Different Kind of Super Hero" to any friends, family, or therapist who would benefit from a better understanding of what life with Dissociative Identity Disorder is like.

Zeek Cavazos

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